Centre for Social Care, 健康及相关快三彩票平台

C-SCHaRR is a community of health and social care professionals, scholars and students who work together to identify, examine and implement evidence-based high-quality health and social care. Our work is informed and guided through service user’s attitudes, beliefs and experiences and more importantly their involvement in our research through the processes of co-design, 共同创造和合作生产.

The overarching aim of C-SCHaRR is the production of world-class research to addresses current health and social care priorities, with the objective of impacting positively and making a real difference to the quality of health and social care provided. Our work aligns locally with our National Health Service and Department of Health and Social Care. Current priorities include the improvement of local and national health outcomes by reducing health inequalities, 提供尽可能安全的医疗保健, 改善院外护理, and prevention and reduction of risk factors to support people to live healthier lives.

快三彩票平台的工作涉及家庭, 全生命周期的性别和健康快三彩票平台, alongside the development and understanding of the mobilisation of knowledge to support the provision of high-quality care. The impact of our work includes direct improvements to the delivery of care, individual’s experience of care and guidance to regional and national policies. This research occurs within the NHS and private health and social care settings, 包括急性, 精神卫生和社区医院, 医生手术, 社区, 住宿照顾和监狱设置, 在国内和国际上.





Our research clusters represent a range of key focusses across the Centre for Social Care, 健康及相关快三彩票平台.






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Interested in studying a research degree with our Centre? 或者你正在寻找一个合作项目? 无论你是一名潜在的博士生, 快三彩票平台员或组织, 快三彩票平台,快三彩票平台会保持联系.

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